Getting Started and Course Creation

This book provides instructions for creating your course. You may navigate the chapters via the right column of the page. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Lincoln University Blackboard Open helpline at 484-365-7840 or 800-340-5462.

1. How to Login

To locate the LMS, go to Lincoln’s home page (see steps), or type in in your browser’s URL box.

The following directions apply to logging into the LMS for the first time and if you have forgotten your password.

1.     Go to Lincoln University’s home page

2.     Click on Quick Links

3.     Click on Lincoln Online

4.     On the right side, click Log in to Blackboard Open

5.     Top right corner, click Login

6.     Click Forgotten your user name or password

7.     Type in the first part of your Lincoln University email, i.e. jsmith

8.     Click search

9.     You will receive an email to your Lincoln University email

10.   Click on email from Admin User

11.  Click on the large link

12.  You are now at the page to set your password

13.   Your password has to be at least 8 (eight) characters (must include one capital, one lower case, one number, one non-alphanumerical character)

14.  Type your password in the first box

15.  Type your password in the second box to confirm

16.  Click Save changes

17. You are now on your LMS Dashboard